Sunday, July 24, 2011

Roller Derby Queens

I have a good friend who works with an engineering firm during the day and spends a lot of time rescuing Boxers and helping the Hobo Boxer Rescue Center.  She is a poised girl with a singing voice that rocks like Joan Jett.  She has been in a band for years and actually cut a record.  What surprises me most about my friend is she is also a roller derby queen.   I went last night to her first bout of the year to watch her in action.  Her derby name is Paisley Pain and she did an amazing job.  It is always fun to watch friends do something that you have never seen before.  So now, I am no longer a virgin to the roller derby scene.  I also know now that I do not ever wish to piss her off because I have seen her kick butt and know it can be done.  I raise my glass to you Mardi.

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